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What went well and what should we do more of

Page history last edited by Solobasssteve 10 years, 9 months ago

@Rebeccacaroe For me the ultimate objective is to mutually learn and engage with new ways of working.  I was trying to write a post on this and, finding it hard to articulate why we should all be amplifying, I concluded that mutual learning is really important.

And so if we can set up more micro-sessions maybe one on one or one to three groups where people can show and set up their own stuff for themselves.


Just rephrasing the question appreciatively.


Can we identify what worked for us and that we should continue and "amplify"?


I liked the atmosphere - very informal, friendly, accessible.

Good organisation and flow from one activity to another.

Liked the "whole group" sessions and touching base.

Was impressed with the enthusiasm and energy of organisers.

Had a sense of a group.

Lots of energy.

Running buffet - always interesting to see what else would be laid out :)

Attracted lots of people.


+1 on the atmosphere, energy and group sense. Honesty and respect all around.

Signed up process was lean and fast

I liked the half-way touchbase session: would be interesting maybe to focus on the tweets and posts of online participants, rather than the online reaction of the people physically there?

I really liked the use of twitter: there was some really good comments/points of view/questions raised via Twitter during and outside of the sessions. Would like to see more of that. Would be nice to have different windows specifically with the different sessions tweets, and maybe record and paste into wiki?


+1 on energy, positive atmosphere & helpfulness

+1 on use of Twitter - great to just ask people to do one Tweet on their main takeaway from the session they attended - I'm sure this helped to reduce a lot of Twitter noise and not drive people who weren't there completely mad ;-)

NESTA were great with refreshments & booze which I certainly didn't expect

Closing re-group of one word to describe the event was fun


The diversity of the group was good - not only just "the usual suspects". Led to some interesting conversations bringing in new groups and ways of looking at things.

Last minute organisation of talks inspired by things going on at the conference is the way to go (even if the gaps on the board were a bit small)

Random activities going on (write your name on the card, documentally interviewing, tweeting about talks, mario and sotm) meant that random people would grab complete strangers with a purpose, rather than some awkward "hello, I saw you are wearing clothes" conversation starters. More of those?

Some of the organisers pointed out at the beginning - maybe a fuller intro so that people could put faces to online names earlier in the day? (More focus on connecting faces to online personas in general? Mandated "go around the room and give your twitter name"? Names of participants gathered so that people could look over them later?)


I loved the feeling of excitement that we were at the start of something quite new. That no-one knew quite what to expect obviously made it frustrating for those watching online, but for a first event, actually heightened the buzz in the building. It was a really interesting blend of people from lots of different networks and places - clearly with a heavy lean towards London, but that's not really a surprise. Great to see the Birmingham and Leicester people there. The sessions were pretty diverse and it was great to get to discuss the session topics with people outside of my usual week-to-week geek-discussions. It broadened the scope of the sessions, and leveled the playing field a lot. The feeling that everyone was on a level was palpable, very little sense of any kind of 'a listers and b listers' - just lots of fun.

Comments (2)

wikiwriter@amplified08.com said

at 3:18 pm on Dec 2, 2008

If there is anyone still stopping by here, could we dig deeper to an underlying process that might answer the question: why did it go so well?

What springs to mind for me that the NESTA venue was an important coming of age. We have been arriving for so long! Did we cross a Rubicon and become a serious, stakes-playing member of the establishment? And does that allow us to do more?

Alex Craxton said

at 1:37 pm on Dec 9, 2008

One comment that I have, this is more a positive than a negative ... dont be affraid of chaos. Creativity doesnt thrive in ordered society. If Amplified is to keep a creative edge it should celebrate a little chaos and keep some of the edge so that it never gets stuck in a rut. The people that get why this sort of event matters will get most value out of it. Those that crave agendas, end goals and process are likely to see the negative in almost every aspect. Perhaps we should seek the middle ground 'chaordic' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaordic

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