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Things To Do

Page history last edited by Harry Wood 11 years, 8 months ago

After amplified08:

things to do restrospectively :

  • Somebody needs to blog about it at  http://www.amplified08.com/
  • Facilitate discussion of what went wrong Take on feedback although don't encourage people to whinge too much :-)
  • Wiki gardening (anyone can help with this!)
    • Sort out a structure for information about this past event.

We should maybe have a wiki page for each session which happened at aplified08, to allow space for retrospective discussion.  But perhaps the page naming convention needs to take into account that the same session topic might re-appear in a future event (re-use same page or do we want a historical trail of pages about sessions at past events?)  Session pages could then be linked form the schedule page and the Topics for the day page (but again these page names might need to be moved now that this is a past event)


For the next one: amplified09

  • Organise venue
  • Organise sponsors and freebie donations
  • Organise talks
  • promote.
  • Release tickets
  • etc

Comments (7)

neil epstein said

at 3:55 am on Nov 7, 2008

a good one would be setting up a way to record the data and give attendees a system for contacting or remembering who they met after the event. so the discussions continue afterwards.

Rebecca Caroe said

at 10:04 am on Nov 25, 2008


This is where the hashtag #amp08 will come in handy. By using this on all blog posts, tweets we'll be creating a permanent online record of what is talked about on the day.
Contacting - the attendees list should be helpful here.
Remembering.... can't help. (only joking!) But seriously, joining one of the networks and going to their events regularly will almost certainly enable ongoing conversations.


Benjamin said

at 3:57 pm on Nov 25, 2008

Hmmm... @Neil, how about twitter IDs on badges, for those that have them?

@Rebecca good call on tagging... I love looking back at the 'trail' post event (and pre- too)!

Mathieu Ayel said

at 4:10 pm on Nov 25, 2008

+1 Benjamin on the twitter ids on badges

About the tagging and looking back after the event, you may want to use http://livetwitting.com/ for this...

pilchardmusic said

at 12:08 am on Nov 29, 2008

A Wiki page per session: Yes

Should be tagged with the same hash tag permanently. Most of these topics can and probably will run on and on. They should be allowed to do so easily. New topics at new events should pick up the numbering system where the previous event left off.

Benjamin said

at 6:42 pm on Dec 19, 2008

I'll help with some wiki gardening - something to do in the run up to Christmas :)

Annie Mole said

at 7:13 pm on Dec 22, 2008

Rebecca makes a good point re trying to remember who you spoke to. Is it worth using something like http://www.crowdvine.com or something similar.

Although we need some sort of one size fits all networking tool - Joanne Jacobs made the valid point at Social Media Mafia Camp that lots of different open source platforms used for Amp08 weren't ideal. I've no idea what the solution to this is :-(

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