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Page history last edited by Josh Russell 11 years, 5 months ago

The South is a large and dispersed region, at least from a networks perspective. One possibility is to cycle events between the major centres - e.g. Brighton, Bristol and Reading - to connect as many communities as possible. There is a growing list of names, please be sure to let others who would be interested know. It is time to pin down topics, a venue and a date. [BenjaminEllis]


Add yourself to the list of those interested



Add your name (and areas of interests). Let's see where folks are - This is a big area (from Brighton to Bristol and beyond), so let's make something big happen! - BenjaminEllis



Networks in the South:

RDG Tweet up

and more...

add ones you know of here...


Notes (add other notes here):

Don't rule out Dorset! There's a thriving community down here too. Bournemouth Barcamp is just round the corner as is Meetdraw. - [Paul Seys]

Maybe scope for hosting an event in Bristol for SW people?? - [Steve B]


See also: Other regional events. and the main Amplified page.



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