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Social Applications nextpointnothing - Wur doin it rong!

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Social Applications nextpointnothing - Wur doin it rong!

Topic #27 - Conversation started by @Allix

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Original Post:

1) people who generally have the ability to build stuff don't tend to think like the people they build them for. Are developers of social applications gathering their requirements properly, or accidentally forcing their geekish worldview framework on an uncomfortable public?

2) over 15 years, what the web does has become far removed from what it was constructed to do. Is it time to do a Bertrand Russell and deconstruct to prove mechanisms worth? 



This topic was created at 2am on the day of the event, at the point where I (very mildly intoxicated) decided that there were not enough technical topics.  So I came up with some and decided to host the discussions. In many ways i regret the decision, but in every way that counts, I do not :o)


The subject for this session were split into two closely related hypotheses/questions - should I split it into two pages?


Issue 1: incoming requirements


Most of the people with the skills to build social media tools have a tendancy to think according to technical structures that don't really match the requirements, the wants and needs, of the users they build for.  In more conventional development environments, this known issue is handled with good requirements analysis. In more contemporary approaches, this is handled more flexibly by the shift from the 'build, test, deploy' enterprise model to the 'deploy, test, build' 'permanant beta' model.

While many applications/interface developers have adapted to this model, it seems to me that most developers tend to stick to their instinctive belief regarding how the app/intf develoment should progress rather than listening to their customers requested refinements/requirements.


Bearing in mind that we are builing social media tools, couldn't we use some of this expertise to design and build tools to help us with this problem?


Issue 2: outgoing requirements


The principle language suite of the WWW (HTTP, HTML, CSS, JS - the main channel for social media web app/intf development) is built upon a structure of requirements (publishing and cross referencing academic papers and other knowledge stores) that were not relevant at the time of definition to our current needs (thin/thick client network apps)


While much has been changed to accomodate those developed requirements and to accomodate the needs outside of academia, has there been enough done?  Is there any value in deconstructing our mechanisms and hypothetically re-building to discover what other approaches are possible?  What would we change, and given that we (probably) can't go back in time, what CAN we reasonably change?


Please can the people who came along to this discussion comment on what they said, thought and heard as I took no notes and would love to hear your feedback.



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