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Get involved!

We are looking for speakers, chairs and stream curators/organisers. If you would like to contribute to any stream, click through to the stream page (listed below) and leave your comments and ideas. 

We will also be running an activities & training stream. Want to help? Have ideas? Click through!

We can't think of everything, and we're sure you have some valuable thoughts to share. Please leave your ideas on the additional stuff page :)


Don't forget to let us know you are intending to come! Sign up! Children are welcome, under the supervision of their adult attendee


The programme will address women’s engagement in and contribution to critical areas of social engagement and participation: work, education, leisure, governance and citizenship. The programme streams have been identified as:


Industry & employment

Issues, achievements and concerns across womens computing, mobile and gaming careers, education and training.


Girls & young women

What are our female children and young people’s perceptions and concerns? How is industry approaching girls as a market sector? What are girls getting up to online, in mobile & gaming? How are government and schools meeting the needs of girls?


Older women

What are ‘older women’? How can we ensure older women’s visibility, given the governments focus on digital inclusion?  What are the design other engagement issues and preferences of older women?



How have current technologies impacted on the sexual practices and lives of women? How are women using mobile and internet dating? What is the reality behind the virtual world relationship headlines? How has technologies impacted on the sex industry and sex workers?


Coding, hacking & programming

How are women doing in areas traditionally perceived as men only? what are their achievements? How can we best support women working within, or considering careers within, these fields?



How are women using technologies for fun, entertainment and hobbies? How are they connecting and building larger communities? What new developments will women be most interested in? How are women using social networking and other services non-professionally? Are there implications for women’s reputations and safety within the social web? Is industry meeting the leisure needs of women?


Mothers & Families

What has the impact of technologies on family life been? Is working online the best option for mothers? How do women use technologies to support their family networks? Does technology place more demands on women, or make life easier?



How are women using technology to organise – locally, globally, socially and politically?



How are women impacting on educational provision and reform? Does digital literacy pose different issues for women and girls?

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