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Page history last edited by Sarah 10 years, 8 months ago

Our objective should be to run at least two, and hopefully more Amplified events in the North West this year.  From the contacts and people that are interested so far, it's likely that Manchester will be the location, but we could look at Liverpool or elsewhere too.  We've made contact with Manoj Ranaweera, who runs North West StartUp 2.0 (http://www.nwstartup20.co.uk/) and Stewart Townsend of Sun who runs their Startup Essential programme (http://uk.sun.com/startupessentials/).  In turn, they've connected us with Kate Lowes who was involved with Twestival up here. 


Hopefully we can connect with other groups and try and get the first event to happen before the end of March.  Tiger Tiger could be a possible venue, but any other suggestions would be welcome.



A couple of other possibilites for venues would be FACT (this might fit into their Climate for Change season?), the Leaf Tea Shop (which is where Liverpool Twestival was held), or the Novas Contemporary Urban Centre (where Barcamp Liverpool was held).  Those are listed in descending order of how well I know anyone there to ask about it, but am happy to investigate further if need be - AMc.


Would anyone be interested coming along to the #smc_mcr Social Media Cafe Manchester and talking about this. It has relocated to the Contact Theatre, Oxford Road, Manchester for the Futuresonic Social Technogies Summit 14th May 6pm. The wiki is here http://socialmediacafemanchester.pbwiki.com/

- I'll be there (Rob Knight)


Help organize and attend: 

David Terrar - Business Two Zerotwitter.com/DT + dt [at] d2c [dot] org [dot] uk - interested in helping make a Manchester event happen

Ian Ibbotson - twitter ianibbo [at] googlemail [dot] com - Interested in helping out with whichever event ends up being closest to sheffield

John Sutton - also interested in getting involved with organising a Manchester/NW event twitter blog

Adrian McEwen - blog twitter I think Manchester is more central, but nearer Liverpool would suit me better ;-)

Manoj Ranaweera - edocr  twitter Northern StartUp 2.0 Let me know if I can be helpful as a Connector rather than running this

Stewart Townsend -

Kate Lowes - kate.lowes@btinternet.com - SKYPE - katherinelowes - Manoj is on the same campus as myself. More than happy to take a lead or share a lead on the NWest event, looking forward to connecting with you all.

Georgia Brown - email twitter website blog - interested in helping make a Manchester event happen

Rob Knight - email twitter website blog LinkedIn - very interested in helping to make this happen

James Norris - Social Media Strategist at Nitro Mobile / Nitro Ventures

Julian Tait - Email Twitter Interested in helping organise


Just attend/participate:

Paul Rawlings - email twitter Twe2 website Twe2 blog



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