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Microservices and the Primary Purpose Approach

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#26 Microservices and the Primary Purpose approach


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: some ideas about business approaches to annoying technical problems #26 - For developers, agencies and people interested in how the infrastructure works... Twitter is, in many ways, a branded c2c microservice that does one thing (its primary purpose) well, and supports using (and being used by) other application, like hashtags and countless others. Monstrous apps like Facebook (and all the rest) also have the concept of a status, but only as a minor part of a much bigger c2c service offering. This means we are looking at a landscape where the same thing has been built (with varying consistency of approach and attention to detail) hundreds of times. Is there a business case for developers / agencies to build other microservices (realtime@location and geo-fencing spring to mind) offering a consistent best approach that can be licensed across all/many of these larger, core business focussed services? @Allix

  1. Comment: I am involved with the ESME project that takes the messaging notions around Twitter but builds them in the context of what happens in business. It builds on the notion that content without context or meaning (ie the 'river') is meaningless. Check: http://blog.esme.us for details, information and access to the open source code location. As an aside I've personally learned a greqat deal about the way in thiwch the 'suit' and 'geek' cokmmunities can come together in a fruitful manner. (@dahowlett)


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