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We're pulling this together as a group. Simply name one of your goals for Amplified on Twitter with the hashtags #amp08 #goals (or #amp09 if you prefer or simply #ampgoals) and we'll collect them here. Or feel free to edit this page and add your own.




To make the UK the most connected place on the planet.

To help as many people as who want to have as many powerful conversations as they care to.

To bring support, encouragement and amplification to the most innovative thinkers in the UK.

Amplified - recognition of 'social' as both a normal innovative & management process and social media is an amplifier of that.

Making social media practioners more effective, innovative, creative, accessible, able to bridge the silos, listened to.

Make the UK the world's most networked economy by 2010.

Make social media a mainstream way of doing business, education, creation. Make all workplaces network places. By 2010.

Enhance physical trade with digital and social trade to create deep and lasting social capital.

Draw international capital to emerging social media companies in UK & evangelise the true value of these companies faithfully




There are two primary opportunities embedded in the Amplified concept:

  1. Context

  2. Intent


In the current global economic downturn, organisations need fresh ideas and new ways of operating as businesses to turn their productivity around. Organisations are more tolerant of ideas that were previously resisted as a means of rebuilding their productivioty and enabling growth.

Further, with many clerical, support and digital manufacturing jobs being outsourced to BRIC nations, innovation is the one key defendable difference between UK based organisations and developing countries with a technology production focus. The UK also has one of the most productive creative industry sectors, yet does not gather the full economic or social benefit of this creativity. Nor has the UK been particulary strong in terms of developing and promoting digital created works compared (for instance) to France, Canada and Dubai. Social media represent a practical mechanism for amplifying the creative process and enable the connection of participants with possible expert advice and commercial contacts. Social media amplify trusted source opportunities.


Amplified can act as a primary resource for government and the commercial sector as an advisory body and as a source for research and development in social media. By bringing together experts and practitioners as a heterogeneous group of creatives and entrepreneurs, who have reached a plateau in the opportunities to be gleaned from their alternative, specialised networked, Amplified breathes new life into ideas and projects, by enabling access to broader industry represdentativesd as well as providing alternative perspectives to commercialisation or industrial application.

Amplified's conversational and regionally specific event schedule is designed to enable establishment of new businesses, research programs, methodologies and products. It also is primed for informed and reliably ad hoc problem solving and management consultation for the commercial sector, as it brings together practitioners in the field, not mere researchers who have limited understanding of this rapidly changing territory.



Amplified Outputs

The outputs of Amplified events and projects are divided into information outputs and commercial outputs. Raw data and reported outputs of surveys, case studies and qualitative information on tools, processes and products will be shared among the Amplified community and available through the globally accessible blog and wiki. At times, this data may form the basis of major research projects for either public sector organisations or commercial institutions. The information outputs will represent the collected observations of creative and industrial experts in social media and technology businesses, thus the quality of information is likely to be higher than either mass market research or specialised academic research, as contributors will be cognizant of world technology trends as well as the business imperatives operating in the corporate market.

Commercial outputs of Amplified will include research reports, social media deployment consultation and methodologies, and bespoke products and services for commercial and community interests.




Our vision is to make the UK the most technologically advanced and connected nation in the world. We believe this can be achieved through raising creative productivity and prosperity in social media industries. Our mission is to influence policy and to develop proven methodologies and products which improve the practice of work across all business sectors. We are convinced that this can be achieved through developing an event series based on conversations and on small-group discussion and resolution of problems, where tasks for problem solving are allocated on the basis of expertise, rather than on organisational roles.

Given this vision and mission, the AMPLIFIED09 event series priorities are:

  • To bring creative and technological talent in social media related industries together in regional centres to discuss issues and projects of interest;

  • To provide participants with a series of technology tools and platforms for uploading information about their expertise, their products and services, and the challenges being faced/problems to be solved;

  • To test these technology tools for effectiveness in various contexts, and to report on these experiences;

  • To aggregate multimedia content generated by the event series for access by the participants as well as interested parties;

  • To generate methodologies and publications based on information and research conducted as part of the Amplified series.

These strategic priorities will be achieved in the following manner:

Strategy 1: Amplify talent, process, products and services at Amplified events

  • In a way that provides material value to participants in problems solving, strategy development, and resource investogation and budgeting

  • To build AMPLIFIED09 participation and reputation across all business sectors.

Strategy 2: Mobilise an army of advocates

  • In a way that inspires a ‘me too’ response

  • To build intrigue in UK social media ventures, individuals and investments and shape individual/company personalities to be more technologically ‘switched on’

Strategy 3: Use the tools of the net more effectively and virally

  • In a way that allows interactivity and maximises possible investment from advertisers and sponsors

  • To build a major information resource for the UK business community in terms of talent sourcing, innovation development and virtual information sharing and participation services.

Strategy 4: Use the power of social networks to recruit new executive talent and to connect innovators with business partners

  • In a way that addresses regional needs and reflects the priorities of UK businesses

  • To build a robust information-driven economy.





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DavidJWBailey said

at 7:45 pm on Feb 2, 2009

#ampgoals not registered on hashtags?

Jo Jacobs said

at 10:50 am on Feb 3, 2009

Hi David
We don't have an auto-feed organised although that's a darned good idea. Have added your suggestions manually instead!

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