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Regional Events

Anyone written an extended blog on Amp09? Here's a page you can put your links.


The first major Amplified event in London for 2009 was on 24 February 2009 at Tiger Tiger in Haymarket, from 2:30 - 7:30pm.


EventBrite signup page: http://amplified09london.eventbrite.com/


300 places are already taken. If you have a ticket and now can't make the event please get in touch so we can free up your space).  Further venue details at: http://www.tigertiger-london.co.uk/


On the day we will work Barcamp style but with much smaller goups getting together cafe style for conversation, plus a couple of virtual tables to engage those that can't physically make the event. Let us know what you're interested in talking about below and add a session number. Please note that it's fine to bring up a topic from the list of sessions we ran at Amp 08. Just bring across the session number from here. If more than one group want to discuss a topic that's fine - we'll pull them together later.




  • #01 The future of online video: Further discussion following on from Amp08 and the ICA discussion in January.
  • #06 we20: following on the Bretton Woods 2.0 session of Amp08. Can social media and open source assist in governance and regulation? (given this the same session tag as Amp08, but feel free to amend)
  • #07 Future of the Book: A very popular topic. We'll also be running a dedicated morning on this in March at the ICA.
  • #16 The Social Graph - Building on previous Amp08 discussion around this topic - furthering the conversation around our many electronic identities, and ways of dealing with the information coming at us from all these channels..  What would be an ideal solution?  What would that solution look like?
  • #24 Making Dave Eggers's TED Prize Talk 'dream' come true - moving on from discussion at Amp08 to look at examples where tools and projects are actually starting to take place with the potential to make a difference in education [please note I (@digitalmaverick) will not be at Amp09 til approx. 6.00pm so please allocate this a late slot]
  • #29 Bursting wine bubbles: How to create a vibrant social media scene that is much more inclusive of wine drinkers and not just self-appointed 'experts' [as I'm likely to miss the first sessions, any chance this could be later? thnx @steaders] 
  • #30 Innovation: what does tech innovation really mean to an environment in which the gap between early adopters and late adopters is widening exponentially?
  • #31 An alternative Digital Britain report: prepared by practitioners and those who understand the costs of a rollout.
  • #32 Socialised Media: a spinoff from the Future of the Book and Online Video topics - how can we read/watch/listen together, even if we're not necessarily in the same place or at the same time? [@cowfish]
  • (#33 The Answer to 'Why?': Moving on from preaching to the converted about social media and 'Web 2.0' comes the non-leading edge majority. With @stephenfry and his ilk boosting arrivals to Twitter is it time to review the possible answers to why people not ahere should start using the functionality on offer and not just create an account then ignore it. Answering this question adequately will especially help in finding the right funding mechanics. [@AlisonW] deleted - sorry. I broke my ankle at #tuttle on Friday and not sure whether I will be able to get in for this (dammi!) I'd still like to do this session another time though)
  • #34 Delivering Digital Britain follow up: on the morning of the 24th Nesta will host the DDB event. This will be a chance to chew over what was said for anyone attending both events.
  • #35 Kicking away the soap box - every community has a small portion of members that contribute a majority of the opinions, efforts and legacy. Naturally some like to be heard above others ... so how can social software help us create a balance and cut the noise or is this unavoidable and just requires moderation by the 'right' people? @alexcraxton
  • #36 (Data)Mining Local Resources - Small-scale and local are beautiful. Local food production, local craftsmanship, local manufacture on demand, building our houses from locally sourced materials, empowering our town and regional governments etc. are all plausible partial solutions to coming problems in the environment, energy supply, economy and social cohesion. If governments enforce this locality, they are accused of "protectionism" and may drive the world economy into depression. At its ugliest, localist tendencies may encourage isolationist,  racist and xenophobic politics. How can social media help us discover the value in our localities but not lose us world-wide community? Can it help us stimulate an economy where we make what we consume locally, with reduced energy and minimal impact on the environment, but still share knowledge and friendship across continents? What's the state of the art in local search? In small scale, on-demand manufacturing? In energising people to become more involved in our communities?

  • #37 Innovation broke my website - Warning: technical topic. Is consolidation innovative? Can interface technology ever be standardised? Is mobile web really that hard? Why have the browser wars started up again? What do you mean mouse/stylus/touch are not all the same? Isn't thick client was just another name for a corporate contract? All this and more from the world of interface design and development! @Allix

  • #38 Bringing the old & new together - Can we build a best practice document for broadly introducing new ideas into very established institutions? Institutions are already reeling from a rapidly changing world. How can social media help rather than add to the future shock?

  • #39 Politics all a Twitter - From Obama to Web Cameron there's a LOT of crossover from traditional politics into social media right now. What works, what doesn't and what next?

  • #40 Bletchley Park - Dr Sue Black will be with us to chat around the Save Bletchley Park campaign. Something close to the heart of all geeks.

  • #41 WiMax Churches - Christian Payne (@Documentally) Could redundant churches in the UK be given new life by installing WiMax mesh networks on the steeples providing super fast Internet to villages? Perhaps sessions could be held in the buildings themselves where online conversational skills could be taught to the elderly and others without the technical knowhow?

  • #42 Non-local Participation - How do we put together events where people who aren't in the room can join in? What are the important points of local participation we need to try and replicate? What hardware do we need? What services are there to enable us? @cowfish - We can do this using our MultiStream Player. We would not have time to set it up for today, but it would allow us to bring together allthe events simultaineously. Each event can be displayed in a matrix grid view or individually - Full Screen and resonable resolution. Let me know if you require this. @BrianNoonan

  • #43 A Social Screenplay - Despite the incredible attention that social media has been receive in the press over the past year+, my parents - and many of my non-technical friends - still just don't get it.  Accordingly, I'm interested in applying one of the old media - a movie - to communicating the power of new media.  The intention would be to write a screenplay (with a clear view of having it produce) which applies social media tools and concepts as a crucial plot device, such that the potential of social media is communicated through the story.   As an example - one very basic idea I had was to make it a rom-com: the protagonist, after yet another failed relationship, chooses to crowd-source his or her love-life, relinquishing all decision-making to those in the social realm, using various social tools.  And in a sub-plot, social media is used to advance a cause or a movement (thus illustrating social media on a different scale).  @addingvalue



We held a smaller event at the ICA on the morning of the 21st of January on The Future of Online Video (Film/TV/Etc).   

Networks represented:

CreativeCoffee Club - London Blog Facebook

London Wiki Wednesdays - wiki - network - Facebook

Social Media Mafia - network - Facebook

Tuttle Club / SocialMediaCafe - blog - wiki and sign-up

NFPtweetup - wiki



Registered members of the London chapter of Amplified:

Toby Moores SleepyDog Twitter  toby [at] sleepydog [dot] net

Rachel Beer - Twitter - NFPtweetup - The Charity Place

Leon Cych - elearning - part of Mirandanet  - London - Blog - Twitter

David Terrar - Business Two Zerotwitter.com/DT + dt [at] d2c [dot] org [dot] uk

Joanne Jacobs - Twitter - Blog

Mathieu Ayel - Twitter

Lee Stacey Twitter / Web / himself[at]leestacey[dot]com

Steve Lawson - music - twitter

Andy Coughlan - Blog - Twitter - andy [at] coughlan [dot] me [dot] uk

Steve Bridger - Twitter | Blog | Flickr

Rebecca Caroe - Twitter / Blog

Steve Dale - Twitter / Blog

Benjamin Ellis - Twitter / Blog / Flickr 

Paul Wilkinson - Twitter / Blog

Dave Evans - Twitter

Matt Kelland - Twitter / matt [at] moviestorm [dot] net

Mat Munro -  Twitter

Annie Mole - Twitter / Blog / themole [at] goingunderground [dot] net

Phil Jones - Twitter / Site / Blog

Mike Atherton - Sizemore / Twitter / Oupost #31 mikesizemore@gmail.com

Tom de Grunwald - Twitter / Blog tom .at. degrunwald .dot. com

Jim Mortleman Twitter / Blog / jim [at] jarmo [dot] co [dot] uk

Mauricio Reyes Twitter

Matthew Solle Twitter

Jon M Bishop Twitter / Blog / Why we really attend networking functions

Ed Whyman www.whymandesign.com

Chris Dalby - @yellowpark / Blog / yellowparktv

Mitch Sava - @addingvalue / Blog / polyWonk

Drew Buddie - @digitalmaverick / Blog / drew [at] buddie [dot] plus [dot] com / Mirandanet Fellow

Billy Abbott - @cowfish / Blog

Robert McIntosh - @thirstforwine / Blog / Flickr

Richard Hare - Twitter / Blog

Mauricio Samayoa - @msamayoa / Blog

Noel Hatch - Twitter / Blog / Youtube / Netvibes

Anna Jay - blog

Amy Sample Ward - Twitter / Blog / Org

Emmanuel Marchal - Twitter / Likecube

Ryan Opaz - @ryanopaz blog flickr

Gabriella Opaz - @gabriellaopaz blog

Alison Wheeler - @AlisonW / Blog / Not certain of attendance at this time, sorry

Farhan Rehman - @magitam / Blog

Paul Massey - @paulmassey / @we20

James Norris Social Media Strategist Nitro Mobile

@Allix Harrison-D'Arcy

Alex Craxton - @alexcraxton / Mobile Monday London

Jenny Brown @jennybee

Andrew Gerrard Twitter - @andrewgerrard LinkedIn or andrew[at]d-marketing[dot]co[dot]uk

Andy Roberts Twitter - London Theatre Breaks



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