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Page history last edited by Jo Jacobs 12 years, 1 month ago

Future-of-Online-VideoThe Future of Online Video (TV/Film/Etc) was a single Amplified09 session held at the ICA on the 21st of January 2009 from 9am until noon.



You can read more about the session here. Groups broke up to discuss whatever was of interest and then came together to share insights at the end.  

What did they talk about? See the Online Video Topics page (read the blog post about this here).


Phil Campbell has very kindly set up a channel for the videos he recorded at the event.  Individual videos are accessible at:







Feel free to make notes about these videos and add links to any videos you took at the event on this page. 


The twitter feed can of course be accessed by using Twitter search with the #amp09 hastag (this link is date-limited from 01 January to 22 January 2009). 



Registered attendees were:


  1. Mike Atherton @sizemore
  2. Toby Moores @sleepydog
  3. Richard Cole @Beta_Boy
  4. Andy Coughlan @andycoughlan
  5. Allix Harrison-D'Arcy @Allix
  6. Richard Moynihan @richjm
  7. Abby McFlynn @abbym0308
  8. Vinny Flood @vinnyflood
  9. Lloyd Davis @lloyddavis
  10. Vaughan Denny @vaughan
  11. Matt Kelland @mattkelland
  12. Steve Lamb @actionlamb
  13. Phil Jones @interstar + 1
  14. David Bailey @davidjwbailey
  15. Dave Evans @DaveDev
  16. Annie Mole @anniemole
  17. Ilicco Elia @ilicco
  18. Jim Mortleman @jimjar (other commitments permitting)
  19. Mariana Bettio @nikita79
  20. Andrew Eglinton @LondonTheatre
  21. Janet Parkinson @JanetParkinson
  22. Liza Buddy @lizabuddy - sorry can't make it there b4 11am so offer my place 2 someone who can
  23. Mark Jones @markjones
  24. Derek Mantle @delboydare - Sorry can't make it now. D'oh! Working this week.
  25. Lee Stacey @LStacey
  26. Abigail Addison @AnimateProjects
  27. Shani Lee @shanitomorrow
  28. Ian Smith @irascian
  29. Brian Noonan @BrianNoonan
  30. Richard Galbraith @ricgalbraith
  31. Tom de Grunwald @anonymoustom
  32. Nick Bell @nickbelluk | Quick.TV
  33. Mark Simpkins @marksimpkins | geekyoto 
  34. Amanda Gore @amandagore
  35. Billy Abbott @cowfish
  36. Rachel Beer @rachelbeer
  37. Nina Di Gaetano nina@unicornmedia.com
  38. Terence Eden - @edent
  39. James Whatley - @whatleydude | Mobile Industry Review
  40. Matt Moran @mattymoran | Quick.TV
  41. Elizabeth McLaughlin, @emclaug
  42. Alex MacLeod, Underdog Media
  43. Leon Cych @eyebeams | Learn4Life
  44. Matthew Solle @solle
  45. Jason Nicholls @spidernix
  46. Tom Hannen @tomhannen BBC World Service Future Media
  47. Mat Munro @wetham
  48. Mel McVeigh @melmcveigh
  49. Kathryn Corrick @kcorrick | blog
  50. Nik Butler @loudmouthman
  51. Tia Azulay @TiaAzulay |blog Sorry about late cancellation - it's a tooth thingy.
  52. Debbie Davies @debbiedavies
  53. Rohan Gunatillake @rohan_london
  54. Ed Whyman @whymandesign www.whymandesign.com
  55. David Terrar @DT
  56. Richard Jones @BucksNewUni
  57. Justin Luker @BucksNewUni
  58. Tony Hall @tonyhall | Another Photograph
  59. Penny Jackson Business Site
  60. Philip Campbel sleepydog and me.dm
  61. Danny Birchall @ICALondon
  62. Joey Baxter
  63. Rebecca Caroe @rebeccacaroe for my client Brandcast Media
  64. Laura Kidd @warriorgrrl
  65. Nic Ray - Quirk.biz
  66. Damon Oldcorn www.zebtab.com



Seeing as we're only a few people over and are expecting a few people not to make it we've extended the list to 66 people. We really are FULL now though : )


Note: We had a couple of accidental deletions - please be careful you don't knock anyone off the list when you add your name - cheers!


To edit this wiki you can request access with your own login, or use the following details:


email: wikiwriter@amplified08.com

password: amped


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