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We are running an event in Cambridge on May 11th called  Amplified”.  This is a network of networks and was launched by Toby Moores last year.


Why Amplified?

1.       We know that in today’s economy efficient business is going offshore and innovative business is remaining in the UK.

2.       The economy is suffering and we need new ideas and business models in order to rebuild it – some of the old ways of doing business are dying and new tools are becoming available.

3.       Social media is a tool that can be used to amplify messages and conversation is a very fault-tolerant medium for the storage and sharing of ideas.


When we meet as business groups or networks a homogeneity of ideas, concepts and innovations occurs through sharing stories and conversation.  By enabling a range of groups to meet at the same time, the messages can be spread more widely and enhanced,  developed and improved.  We learn and move our understanding to the next level with a wider group of people all bringing complementary skills to the conversation.


If we are successful, we will create grass-roots solutions to complex problems e.g. how to fix the recession, grow the economy, ‘green’ up our lives’, build new businesses.


Amplified launched in November 2008 with an event hosted at NESTA in London – a wide range of topics were discussed using the “Barcamp Unconference” format.  Spin-outs from that event include groups discussion the Future of Online Video and the Future of the Book.  Regional events are being organised around the UK and we aim to have a national event in 2010.


By bringing together existing networking groups into a network-of-networks everyone can both contribute and participate in learning.  First we aggregate people; then we mediate discussions and articulate ideas and lastly we augment by sharing the learnings using tools like social media, hashtags, blogs and press reports.



Free to attend. 

May 11th 2pm - 6 pm. Venue Arts Picturehouse Cafe / Bar, 38-39 St Andrews St, Cambridge CB2 3AR

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100 places available

Topics to discuss

   1. Getting Cambridge business into social media

   2. Linking the University with business

   3. Breaking out of the Cambridge-only mode of working

   4. The Promise of Digital Britain.  Can we MAKE it happen?

   5. Recessions are always good news


Please forward this email to other people / groups who are in the East of England and who may like to attend.


Thank you and see you on May 11th.