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Page history last edited by isabellaet 10 years, 3 months ago

 Amplifed EAST event date announced: May 11th 2pm - 6 pm. Venue Arts Picturehouse Cafe / Bar, 38-39 St Andrews St, Cambridge CB2 3AR

Topics for discussion

  1. Getting Cambridge business into social media (reflecting on past Library House reports)
  2. Linking the University with business (the Uni's Corporate Liaison Office, now absorbed into Research Services Division, used to do this - where are we post re-structure?)
  3. Breaking out of the Cambridge-only mode of working (compare and contrast to Oxford, London, Bristol, Birmingham, Edinburgh or Manchester?)
  4. Digital inclusion: enabling access and confidence in tech - Katherine Wild, Dave Briggs
  5. Collapsonomics - how good things come from bad times - Dougald Hine
  6. The Promise of Digital Britain - Alan Moore
  7. Convergence of content and conversation - Toby Moores


WHAT TO DO BEFORE YOU COME: a brief summary of what to expect, what to bring and what'll happen afterwards.


100 places available.  Sign up below:


  1. Rebecca Caroe - Twitter - Blog
  2. Matt Kelland - Twitter - Blog
  3. David Terrar - Twitter - Blog - D2C (Sorry, can't make it today)
  4. Alex Dawson - Twitter - Blog
  5. Alan Moore - Twitter - Blog
  6. Richard Hare - Twitter - Blog (will be slightly late)
  7. Oliver Stanton - Twitter
  8. Giles Thurston - Twitter - Blog
  9. Dave Briggs (will do my best to be there, though it is my birthday...) - Twitter - Blog
  10. Laura James (hope to be there towards the end, but work looking busy, sorry) - Twitter
  11. Vero Pepperrell - Twitter - Blog
  12. Tjhien Liao - Twitter
  13. Francis Rowland - Blog
  14. Gerrit van Deventer

  15. Toby Moores - Twitter  

  16. Ian McKendrick - Twitter - Blog - FF - Blippr

  17. David Bailey     - Twitter - Blog - FF - Flickr

  18. John Jones (will be late) - Twitter - Blog  

  19. Oliver Caroe

  20. Steve Dance

  21. Grant Craies

  22. Paul Canning (hope to be there) ·Twitter - Blog

  23. Joe Smith

  24. Phil Campbell - twitter - blog

  25. Dmitry Shirokov

  26. Katherine Wiid (will be a bit late) 

  27. Andrew Walkingshaw (hopefully!) - twitter - blog - Timetric

  28. Chris Heuer - Twitter

  29. Dominic Travers Twitter

  30. Lucy Windmilll

  31. Anne Faulkner Twitter

  32. David Sharp (unless something comes up, I should be there at about 4 pm).


WordPress theme avaialable à la Cisco08, IDeA Performance and PSFbuzz for example. I'm not claiming this to be revolutionary or anything, but it can be quite useful. If folk think it a good idea I would be happy to do an Amplified East version?

Dave B. 

Perfect, Dave.  Will contact you offline. Rebecca C


Can I help?


1.  Text for an email to explain Amplified and give details of the Cambridge event

2.  Send this to folk you know in the Eastern Region - put it on your blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Plaxo, Linked-In, Ning groups please. 

3.  Think about other groups you belong to and send an invite to their grouplists.  Does anyone have the CB2 and CB1 memberships?  Or Hayley Oates' Twitter group?  Please list any groups you have circulated here:


  1. TWIG (Monday night group) - per djwb
  2. CXO Group (Monthly Group) - per djwb
  3. Business Leaders Network - per djwb
  4. IoD group - per djwb
  5. Car Shipping - Small Business Marketing
  6. Open Knowledge Cambridge (Dave)
  7. Refresh Cambridge (Dave)




See also: Other regional events.

Comments (2)

DavidJWBailey said

at 7:32 pm on Feb 2, 2009

David Bailey - can assist with Eastern Region event, Bedford - Cambridge axis

Laura james said

at 3:56 pm on May 8, 2009

any news on topic selection yet? Should we all be chiming in somehow?

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