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Page history last edited by (account deleted) 11 years, 6 months ago

Starter page for early 'Bristol' Amplified possible gig (see also Amplified South 09):


First meet: commune, congregate, discuss:

Watershed bar, 18:00, Tuesday 10/02/09

Clare Reddington, Steve Hilton, Pete Ferne, Mike Zeidler, Dan Start, Jamie Pike, Ed Mitchell, Jack Martin Leith


  • question for gig — see also: Manifesto
  • likely support?
  • venue
  • dates
  • next steps


Update 12/02/09:

All had a good robust shouty meeting in Watershed (very february).

Ed suggested we add what we think would be good and what we would be prepared to help out with on this page:


Things we think would be interesting would be prepared to take forward after our meeting:



  • interest level after meeting: 7 out of 10
  • happy to help co-organise, promote and facilitate opening gig to kick the process off
  • happy for kick off gig to be pretty open space/barcamp styled
  • think best time for kick off gig to be 16:00 - 21:00
  • happy for kick off gig to be relatively free of subject/focused on intra-network facilitation (e.g. how can we work better together?)



  • interest level 7
  • happy to help organise, but I tend to overcommit my time
  • I like the idea of a barcamp approach
  • I'm increasingly thinking that I prefer the term 'ecosystem' to 'network of networks' — it has fewer overtones of 'working the room'
  • perhaps the theme for the (first) event could be 'exploring the ecosystem'? a bit wooly?
  • late afternoon, early evening on a weekday would be my preferred time



  • interest level 5 - 7
  • happy to support but time is very over commited
  • My aim would be to meaningfully bring together the ecosystems in Bristol with the aim of exploring some joint purpose
  • Also interested in a more grass roots version of the silly Venue power list. Getting together the people with social capital in Bristol (which would be a fairer and more spread out bunch)
  • Finding a way to facilitate the potentially disparate ecosystems needs planning. Where is the common language/aspirations?
  • late afternoon, early evening on a weekday would also be my preferred time


Mike Z:

  • interest level 5-7
  • happy to invite people
  • focus of interest is in common language/aspirations
  • afternoon/early evening weekdays are fine



  • I apologise for being so grumpy at the meeting
  • Interest level has risen to 7
  • My current thinking is that a Bar Camp (rather than Open Space) event could be a productive next step
  • Bar Camp follows the Open Space model but without the mumbo jumbo and with everyone expected to help in some way
  • I agree with Clare: "meaningfully bring together the ecosystems in Bristol with the aim of exploring some joint purpose"
  • Pete - I like your ecosystem suggestion
  • How do we reach beyond the usual suspects? (Steve raised this at the meeting)
  • Willing to help organise and manage a Bar Camp if required
  • George Ferguson is planning a campaign "aimed at reinforcing Bristol's enterprise culture. George will be asking the City and Bristol's independent businesses and their supporters to sign up for membership of the campaign which will be aimed at reinforcing Bristol's enterprise culture" *. I suggest we bring him into the conversation as there is bound to be common ground

    * Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Ferguson_(architect)

  • No preference re. timing
  • I'm happy to commit a couple of days of my time to this
  • I like Pete's Seed16 suggestion


Comments (4)

jamie said

at 6:49 pm on Feb 16, 2009

Interest level 7-8
Happy to be involved but again time is an issue
I would like to see a platform for representatives or groups from one or other network being able to learn from/benefit from another network and therefore would prefer hosting style events possibly but not exclusively barstyle.
I am happy to provide a venue for an event
early eve midweek best for me..

Benjamin said

at 11:27 am on Feb 27, 2009

A few networks mentioned there. Any others in the area that people know of?

Peter Ferne said

at 3:15 pm on Mar 19, 2009

How about using the <a href="http://takeoneonion.org/archives/2009/02/seed16-a-new-model-for-co.html">seed16</a> model for inviting people? That way we get to broaden the pool beyond the usual suspects, and keep it more or less manageable. With our starting group of 8 people we would end up with (something close to) 128 people.

One of the nice things about the model is that nearly two thirds of the attendees get to invite at least one other person.

Peter Ferne said

at 3:15 pm on Mar 19, 2009

That link, more legibly: http://bit.ly/seed16

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