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currently gathering initial interest. this page will be fleshed out as we go along!




If you think it's a good idea and you want to come, add yourself to the list at the bottom of this page (but this doesn't ensure your attendance, there will be tickets later :)


If you know of a network that should be involved, add them to the list here:





i sent this email to some of the local event/group organisers in brighton:




Hey there,


I'm emailing you because you either run a group or an event in Brighton. I think I know most of you, but some of you I don't, hi!


I've been asked to organise Amplified '09 in the south, a one day meet of a network of networks. Probably to run in September. It's just an idea for now, and I'd love to have your input!..


I'd like to make this a joint effort of as many groups in Brighton and the surrounding area as possible. And also encourage crossover with groups outside, or on the fringes, of our industry that would mutually benefit from the day. Anyone can suggest topics of discussion or sessions they'd like to see happen, and it'll be run as short simultaneous sessions, almost like a barcamp.


There's a wiki page that describes the concept of the day, if you haven't heard about Amplified before:



I'm happy to take the lead on the coordination of the event, but it would be great to share the load, and to have help, support, and advice from you all too :)


If you're interested in getting involved let me know!


Here's a google group for local organisers (which will be useful to have all year round anyway):



And I'll send an invite out for a coffee/beer for an initial ideas session.


Here are the networks receiving this email:


Brighton Bloggers

Freelancers Farm

Girl Geek Dinners

Robot Brighton

Brighton New Media List

UX Brighton

Geek Wine Thing

Flash Brighton


Open Coffee Sussex



£5 App

Sussex Geek Dinners


Brighton Illustrators


Cafe Scientifique



Flash on the Beach


Full Frontal


But there are loads more I either forgot or don't have contact details for, including:


Institution of Engineering and Technology

Freelance Journalists 

Chamber of Commerce

MDHub (Hub100)

eGov Forum

Mix UK


I'll make a wiki page, where we can add the networks that will be represented on the day, if you know anyone from the other networks feel free to forward this email on!





Ok, long email over, ask me questions, join the google group, add networks, read the wiki, suggest ideas! (search google for amplified 08)






I'm interested in coming along to this if it happens!
  1. Josh Russell - @joshr brighton geek about town
  2. Nik Butler - @loudmouthman The Digital Sevante
  3. .

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