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Blog Posts from Amp09

Page history last edited by Benjamin 11 years, 5 months ago

I was looking through the Amp09 twitterstream and noting lots of blog entries (and promise of blog entries) with reflections on the event. Thought it would be a good idea to create a page to collate them all, with a teaser paragraph. Let me start (in Masterchef style) with one I prepared earlier - please pile up the table! best, pk


Pat Kane, The Play Ethic: '#amp09 #digital optimism'

"I attended an unusual conference in London yesterday - Amplified09. Not unusual for the overall topic - social media/Web 2.0 - but for its organisation. Which was a very intriguing mixture of the virtual, the networked, the architectural and the personal. On one level, something of an exemplar for a 'serious play' environment. But on another level, reminiscent of a very historic phenomenon indeed..."


Benjamin Ellis, Redcatco/WOWNDADI: 'Digital Britain Amplified

"Yesterday was a day of three parts, so it seems apt that this post is too. A kind of triage of threes as it were... ...Tiger Tiger provided the  afternoon venue for Amplified 09 London..."



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