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Amplified Ongoing

Page history last edited by Matthias 11 years, 9 months ago


Follow ups to Topics for the Day at Amplified 08.



#06 Bretton Woods 2.0 - Following a great open debate there was a wish to carry on the discussion both online and face to face.  The discussion is around the role that social media and open source can play in reforming the global economic governance apparatus following the credit crunch.  Posts on twitter are being tagged with #BW2 and we are planning on having at least one if not more follow ups in the run up to UK hosting the next round of global economic talks in April 2009. 


#07 The Future of the Book - Our slides for The Future of the Book are now online. Thanks to all who contributed to the discussion pre-event on Annie's blog, all who attended the session on the day and to @Emilicon for writing a blogpost & notes so speedily!  Look forward to continued debate - see the last slide for networks, events & wiki's to continue.  @AnnieMole @Cowfish & Chris Meade.


#19 Streams, Rivers, Torrents and Clouds - Images, tweets and video now online at The Wild Surmise. I also have an audio recording but it will take a while to edit it for sharing. Thanks to all who came to discuss metaphors of nature in cyberspace - very enjoyable and illuminating! Contribute more metaphors here or  answer questions about your relationship with the nature and cyberspace here. @suethomas


#18 Linking developers with entrepreneurs #18 - interesting session led by @emilicon. To the extent that there is no other place to carry the debate forward I just scribble down my thoughts here:

  • Still not convinced how the issue of trust can be sufficiently addressed to allow previously unfamiliar developers and entrepreneurs to enter into a serious parnership. Are there any success stories in this field? @moooping
  • Interested in the debate what an entrepreneurial skill set a developer might be looking for at an early stage of a project. Surely here the entrepreneur is not immediately mission critical? @moooping


#20 Social Networking For Businesses

     Follow up: http://blog.pilchard.org/2008/12/social-media-in-business/ @pilchardmusic

#26 Microservices and the Primary Purpose Approach (@Allix)

#27 Social Applications nextpointnothing - Wur doin it rong! (@Allix)

Comments (2)

phil jones ( @interstar ) said

at 5:08 pm on Nov 28, 2008

Looking forward to it. I definitely think we need an online location (either a Facebook group or a Ning network etc.) Are you going to set one up? Otherwise, I can do it easily enough. -- PhilJones

David Terrar said

at 9:52 am on Dec 2, 2008

Hi Phil,
We do need to enhance the online presence/location, and possibly have something in several places - we're discussing options and you'll hear more shortly.

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