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Amplified 08 rules of engagement

Page history last edited by David Terrar 12 years ago


Conference Mantra:

What Works? What Doesn't? What Next?



  • Create a network of networks which can amplify the power and reach of both our personal networks and the various UK social media, technology production and mobile media networking meetups that we regularly attend
  • Come together to share our ideas and projects, to discover new ways of working together, and to break through the generation of silos among social media communities
  • Coordinate the common themes from our various member networks to advance the causes that are important to the social media and technology scene in the UK
  • Capture the collective intelligence from this first event to build our knowledge base and provide a more focused starting point for the next event in February
  • Plan ahead for collaborative projects at the next event and beyond
  • Work towards creating a major Network of Networks event targetted for 2010, working with NESTA that will run in conjunction with their own Innovation Edge conference.   We’re building towards 4,000 attendees that year, and a conference that will have the flavour of a "TED for Europe"



Barcamp style organization

Unconference approach

Everybody contributes

Everybody tweets

Live video streaming of each room

Live blogging, photo and video sharing

Encourage remote participation from anywhere in the World



Schedule and Timing:

3.30 - Arrive and registration

4.00 - Whole group meets to introduce the event and general announcements - guided by Toby Moores

4.30 - 1st Breakout Sessions

5.10 - BREAK

5.20 - 2nd Breakout Sessions

6.00 - BREAK

6.10 - Whole group session to feedback on sessions and to plan for Amplified09 - guided by Rebecca Caroe

6.40 - BREAK

6.50 - 3rd Breakout Sessions

7.30 - BREAK

7.40 - Whole group session to feedback on sessions and to close - guided by Steve Moore

8.00 - CLOSE


Detailed schedule


Discussion sessions:

Around 30 discussion sessions taken from the wiki page, as well as topics suggested on the day

Schedule and room allocations agreed Barcamp style in the first group session

For each session a leader/guide to set the scene

Leader/guide will ensure everyone gets the chance to contribute

Each session has been allocated a hashtag #01 tto #30 so that we can collect tweets, photos, posts to each session -leader/guide to make sure everyone knows the sessions hashtag so we can capture the output

Everyone should:

  • Follow the rule "Two Ears, One Mouth" and try and make your listening to contributing ratio to be 2:1
  • Answer the questions - What Works? What Doesn't? What Next? Try and give us the building blocks for further action
  • Leave your comfort zone - please dont just join sessions because they are run by people you know.  Try and break out of your current networks and exchange ideas with new people, and join sessions because you find the topics interesting and feel you would like to contribute.  That doesn’t mean you need expertise in a field; anyone who wants to contribute ideas should feel welcome to do so
  • Encapsulate the session in one tweet at the end of the session - "1 Tweet".  If everyone who attends sessions - digitally or physically - can sum up their understandings or response to each session with 1 tweet, this will capture a live zeitgeist of the event
  • Tag any posts, tweets, photos with #amp08 and the hashtag for that session (#01 to #30)- it's really important we all stick to one common tag and the session number system to make it easier to capture and organize the content we generate.




Twitter live stream in the main room - official back channel



Other things TBA

Everything to be tagged #amp08


Network of Networks guides:

Steve Moore

Rebecca Caroe

Toby Moores

David Terrar

Joanne Jacobs

Mike Atherton

Nik Butler

others TBA

Comments (4)

Sue Thomas said

at 8:43 am on Nov 24, 2008

Hiya - this all looks great! One question - will there be flipcharts and/or other writing materials available in all the spaces?

Rebecca Caroe said

at 9:55 am on Nov 25, 2008

Sue, NESTA is sure to have writing tools to capture stuff.
BUT the power of the hashtag #apm08 will be to create a permanent record online for everyone to see / share / use not just those there in person.

Sue Thomas said

at 9:58 am on Nov 25, 2008

Rebecca, of course, but we shouldn't exclude using such tools and anyway one can take photos of the flipcharts and upload them to flickr, which is what I will do with them.

David Terrar said

at 7:13 am on Nov 26, 2008

Flipccharts and pens will be available

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