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Page history last edited by Samantha 10 years, 9 months ago

One of the things we're working on at the moment is finding the optimum technical set for 'amplifying' events.


We're working to balance portability with the range of options required to adapt to the various technical surprises that raise their heads at events of this type. My maxim (having traveled with music gear for 20 years, using less and less gear every year!) is that every cable needs to be justified.


So here's my (steve lawson/@solobasssteve) list of 'essential' ingredients, based on what I've been doing so far:


  • laptop (acts as the hub of whatever the amplifier is doing)
  • web cam (can be a DV cam with USB/FW out, but is just needed to stream the sessions to Ustream) - the smaller the better...
  • omni-directional mic (only so much can be done with the internal mic on a laptop, especially if someone is working on the lappy at the same time a session is being streamed. The Snowball is proving itself v. useful in this regard, though these might be just as good ;) -


  • iPhone/iPod touch - purely for Audioboo. Possibly the single coolest conference-enhancing app I've come across in recent times. This will change as they roll out versions for Android/S60/Palm/Blackberry etc. (here's my roundup boo from PICamp )
  • Nokia phone for instant photo upload/streaming mobile video (tie-in with the work @philcampbell is doing with Bambuser?) - now that the iPhone does video, this may well substitute, but I've yet to see if it's anywhere near as good...
  • Flip/Zi6 or equiv easy-cam (great for roaming video for compilation afterwards.)
  • 3G mobile hotspot - it's scary how many times the wireless in the venue goes down, or becomes inaccessible as the day goes on...


Beyond that, higher res video is always nice, and a projector can really enhance things (as @documentally said at the last amp09 meeting) for projecting tweets onto the wall)


For some context on what the kit is required to do, here's Joanne Jacobs list of the range of events at which Amplification will/does take place.


Please feel free to edit/add-to/comment on the list.

Comments (2)

dave goodchild said

at 12:40 pm on Jun 16, 2009

Sounds good Steve - you may want to add the Kodak Zi6 as the perfect alternative to the Flip.

Solobasssteve said

at 3:32 pm on Jun 16, 2009

thanks Dave - as the page develops, we'll start to add specific product info to each of the categories... Feel free to edit it :)

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