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1pound40 participants!

A big thank you to all of you for participating in the 1pound40 event at Reuters on 11 November and making it such a fantastic event. Over 100 people attended in person, with more getting involved online, and we managed to raise over £1200 for the DEC Indonesia relief appeal.

We heard lots of impassioned conversations going on around the room and would love you to continue to share your thoughts and opinions with the community. Please do tag any content you create on your own blogs etc with the event hashtag: #1pound40 so we can aggregate and share everyone's opinions and keep the conversation flowing.

Remember you can see more from the day over on the Amplified blog at http://amplified09.com/onepoundfortyconference as well as on the Reuters liveblog http://blogs.reuters.com/great-debate-uk/2009/11/11/live-blog-1pound40-conference/


Some blog posts and other output from the day:

Scott Gould - 10 Insights Into Guidance, As Opposed To Governance

Hannah Nicklin - The Future of Politics is Mutual

Jennifer Jones - Building on Hannah's thoughts on #1pound40

The Guardian - Is Twitter sustainable enough to influence politics?

Adam Tinworth - #1pound40 - The Ubiquity of Reporting

Waves PR - One Pound 40 unconference #1pound40

@documentally - The Psychology of Twitter

Joanne Jacobs live blogging on Amplified - #1pound40 Conference

Amanda Gore - Talking about the psychology of Twitter with DarrenBBC, Dominic Campbell and others

Ipadio - £1.40 Conference Round-Up

Sarah Hartley - Musings on the week: A north-south social media divide?   

Bag of Spoons - #1pound40

Alex Hughes - Pictures in "#1pound40 - 11th Nov 09"

Benjamin Ellis - Flickr photos

David Terrar - Connective intelligence on politics and news at #1pound40



Thank you again for making this event possible, we hope see you for the next installment soon.

Remember to keep an eye on the Amplified site for news and information on other events we will be amplifying...



The Amplified team


Final details (sent 10 November):


To all 1pound40 participants!


This is to confirm what’s happening at the £1.40 curated unconference, 11 November.


The event will take place at Reuter’s HQ, which is 30 South Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London E14 5EP (nearest tube is Canary Wharf on the jubilee line or the DLR - see www.tfl.gov.uk). The map on eventbrite is incorrect so here’s a maplink just in case.


Please arrive at 2pm – refreshments will be available. On arrival head to the main foyer, where you will need to collect your security badge from the reception area. From there you’ll be shown where to go (the event takes place in the theatre).


Wifi details will be provided on arrival. Don’t forget to use the #1pound40 tag, and to document all those conversations - video, audioboo, tweet, blog, take notes – bring all your tools! We’ll be on hand to help, to collate, so that materials and mechanisms for all the discussions can be taken beyond the event.


We’ll start at 2:30pm (though please arrive at 2pm so we can get started on time – lots to cover!). We’ll cover the ways social technologies have changed the environment for news makers and consumers, and also the changing landscape for politics, democracy and governance, followed by small group conversation. We’ll then have a panel session where we’ll try and capture the highlights of the day.


Finally we invite you to share a drink and continue the conversation, network, relax, and we should finish just after 8pm.


On behalf of Reuters and Amplified – we’re really looking forward to seeing you there.


The Event...


In response to the apparent diminishing returns of the high-cost/low-return nature of so many modern tech conferences - particularly relating to 'microblogging', it was suggested that we should organise a free conference based on knowledge sharing more than empire building. @sleepydog made the genius suggestion that it should be called the "£1.40 Conference", and thus it was born.


The Amp blog about the shape of the day -


click here to read it

The Reuter's blog 'Can Twitter Change the World?' - click here


VENUE: Thompson Reuters HQ, Canary Wharf, London (details on eventbrite: http://1pound40.eventbrite.com/)


TIME: 2pm-8pm (so time for those of you who work in London to join us for the last session and drinks afterwards.) 




The cost to get in will be £1.40 minimum. All proceeds will go to charity (www.dec.org.uk) to the Indonesian disaster appeal. We suggest donations of £14.00 or more if you can.


PLEASE REGISTER HERE: http://1pound40.eventbrite.com/ to guarantee your place.


Add suggestions to the list below.


Who'll Be There:


  1. Steve Lawson (@solobasssteve)
  2. JosieFraser (@josiefraser)
  3. Amanda Clark (@AmandaFClark)
  4. James Norris @JamesNorris Profile
  5. NIk Butler @Loudmouthman
  6. Cocky Frogster @cocky
  7. Robert McIntosh @thirstforwine (sorry, been called away on business)
  8. Benjamin Ellis @BenjaminEllis
  9. Drew Buddie @digitalmaverick
  10. Jim Anning (@jimanning)
  11. Jason Nicholls @spidernix (soz can't make it today as I've got a client needing a meeting - have a great event!)
  12. Michael Reeve (@mykreeve)
  13. Thom B (@minifig)
  14. Derek Mantle (@delboydare) (I'm sorry but I've got work commitments. Have a good time all.)
  15. Rebecca Caroe (@rebeccacaroe)
  16. Jennifer Jones (@caffeinebomb)
  17. Billy Abbott (@cowfish)
  18. Sue Black (@Dr_Black)
  19. Daren Forsyth ( @DarenBBC )
  20. Kate Sim (@misetak)
  21. Stuart Witts (@stuartwitts)
  22. Dawn Hallybone (@dawnhallybone)
  23. Lobelia Lawson (@lobelia ) 
  24. Flapjack Lawson (if born early - @baby_flapjack :) )
  25. David Terrar ( @DT )
  26. Richard Galbraith (@ricgalbraith)
  27. Hannah Nicklin (@hannahnicklin)
  28. Andy Broomfield (@andybroomfield)
  29. Paul Clarke (@paul_clarke)
  30. Christian Payne (@Documentally)
  31. Andy Piper (@andypiper) sorry other commitments now :-/
  32. Chris Applegate (@qwghlm)
  33. James O'Malley (@Psythor) (Hopefully)
  34. Ian Delaney (@iandelaney)
  35. Robert Brook (@robertbrook)
  36. Lilly Evans (@Alheri)
  37. Dominic Tinley (@tinley) disappointed I can no longer make it
  38. Dave Goodchild (@buddhamagnet)
  39. Evie Franks (@altartist)
  40. Matt Jukes (@jukesie)
  41. Helen Harrop (@iamhelenharrop [alas, I'm no longer able to make this date - sorry!]
  42. Joanne Jacobs (@joannejacobs)
  43. Zahoor Hussain (@izahoor)
  44. Will Howells (@willhowells)
  45. Terry Duffelen (@redduffman) (With apologies)
  46. Toby Moores (@sleepydog)
  47. Gia Milinovich (@giagia) - Hopefully!
  48. Simon Mills (@millsy) - as long as I'm not teaching.
  49. Nicolas Redfern (@nick_red) hopefully
  50. Ade Stevenson (@adrianstevenson) - sadly can't now make it. Hope it's a goodun
  51. Sarah Hartley (@foodiesarah)
  52. Michael L Radcliffe (@artbizness)
  53. Tia Azulay (@TiaAzulay)
  54. Giles Bryan (@gilesbryan)
  55. Al Tepper (@AlTepper)
  56. Richard Hudson (@RichardHudson)
  57. Shani Lee (@shanitomorrow)
  58. Jim Mortleman (@jimjar)
  59. Ilicco Elia (@ilicco)
  60. Al Robertson (@al_robertson)
  61. Chris Pinchen (@cataspanglish) if I can find a round trip Barcelona-London flight for 1pound40
  62. Amy Sample Ward (@amyrsward)
  63. Darika Ahrens (@darika)
  64. Steve Clark (@steevc)
  65. Brian Condon (@brian_condon)
  66. Anna Jay (@mondoagogo
  67. Phil Jones (@interstar)
  68. Anne Marie McEwan (@drmcewan)
  69. Sue Thomas ( @suethomas)
  70. Alison Wheeler (@AlisonW)
  71. Michael Clarke (@redmedicine)
  72. Chris Hall (@chrish10)
  73. Liam Barrington-Bush (@louderdevelop)
  74. Graham Stewart (@bpodr)
  75. Andrew Gerrard (@andrewgerrard)
  76. Mark Jones (@markjones)
  77. Chris Parker (@chrisparker)
  78. Ande Gregson (@dailytwitter)
  79. Ricard Espelt (@ricardespelt)
  80. Amanda Gore (@amandagore)
  81. Ben Walker (@ihatemornings)
  82. Claire Thompson (@claireatwaves)
  83. Ian Usher (@iusher)
  84. Dominic Campbell (@dominiccampbell)
  85. Adrian Moss (@adrianmoss)
  86. Shel Israel (@shelisrael)
  87. Jenny Brown (@jennybee)
  88. Tim Duckett (@timd)
  89. Ash Brown (@Our_Man_Flint)
  90. Aharon
  91. Brian Noonan (@briannoonan)
  92. Ben Butler (@benjamesbutler)
  93. Janet Parkinson (@janetparkinson)
  94. Annie Mole (@anniemole)
  95. Cassie Robinson @cassierobinson
  96. Donna Suffling (@missdd)
  97. Sara Haq (@monkeytreepro) fingers crossed!!! will try....
  98. Josh Russell (@joshr)
  99. Vanda (@redmamba)


To add your name, simply edit the page, put your cursor after the last person above, press enter (it's a numbered list...)

What Should We Do?


ENABLING: I like the idea of enabling people who are talented and funky, but not rich, to attend. How about we know well in advance who may have problems getting to the venue and make sure they get there, between us covering fares and travel if we can? Just an idea - even £50 or so from the people who have signed up already would generate a kitty of about £2000!


  1. I'm happy to speak about building interest AROUND a business/band/product on twitter. (@solobasssteve)
  2. How about Social Media back on the Cheap. Free Apps and Free Systems for Producing Content 
  3. I could launch my new e-book on how to promote your business online in four weeks (@rebeccacaroe)
  4. Happy to speak on the Psychology of Twitter: The games people play in 140 characters (@benjaminellis)
  5. Happy to speak about my PhD research - testing digital britain plans using embedded participant observation and open access dissemination of information within local communities. (@caffeinebomb)
  6. I'd love to share my thoughts on Twitter being the most "human" platform and share some experiences. (@DarenBBC)
  7. Happy to speak about twitter ... nah, that's it, just twitter ... OK, I might just mention wine once or twice (@thirstforwine) 
  8. I'd love to get people talking about the potential for the arts & social media - using it to proliferate collaborate and create. Wiki writing, croud sourced installations, how art represents new ways of communicating etc. (@hannahnicklin)
  9. I'd like to explore Getting Useful. Or why sustainable value is so much more elusive than transient fun. (@paul_clarke, remembering the #tweetbike madness)
  10. I'd be happy to talk about a tech project I will have launched by the time of the conference (all hush hush for now - not strictly Twitter but very social....) (@qwghlm)
  11. Happy to speak about Small Business Marketing For example Car Shipping from Razi Communications 
  12. Interested in exploring how Twitter helps/ helped cross /break boundaries whether age, gender, countries, professions, competences, politics,... (@Alheri)  Oh, and I also can do Concept Cafe sessions, support Open Space and generally stir things up
  13. Want to talk about value and utility of technology: calculating the real costs and real returns. AKA "What do you get for £1.40?" (@joannejacobs)
  14. What is the future of twitter ? (@izahoor)
  15. I might have a case study to present and if I do will be happy to do so (@altepper)
  16. I'd like to run a hands on session, making Yahoo Pipes, (@interstar)
  17. Happy to share stories + observations from my 15 years of working with businesses making the transition to new ways of doing things - but too many other interesting things I want to go and listen to :-)
  18. Would be happy to share/get feedback on research I should have in draft form about student/graduate use of social networks (Facebook/Twitter as it turns out) for career development. May be able to help with venue. (@redmedicine)
  19. Re knowledge sharing, I could explain my project Amplified Leicester, an experimental idea which uses  diversity as a driver for innovation. (@suethomas) UPDATE I'm bringing a fun quiz - How Amplified Do You Think You Are? Paper only atm. May get it online in time for Wednesday but probably not.
  20. Share my experiences in taking a small idea via twitter and making it global (@dailytwitter)
  21. We're happy to explain the project of Copons village (Catalonia, Spain), where the use of social media has increased the involvement of the 300 residents in decision making processes and political and civic participation see video here. (@ricardespelt - @cataspanglish)
  22. I'd personally love to hear more about the tools that are out there for measuring, evaluating, tracking to help continually improve - idea: offer low cost/free tables around the room for some of the more useful funky, innovative stuff to show itself off? 
  23. I have Shel over from the US. I could get him to talk about his latest book (Twitterville) and the research he did for it. I could bring a couple of his books along to sign and have as prizes if of interest. (@adrianmoss)
  24. Social Media marketing ROI - Where is it? What is it? How to find it? and Why every business needs it. (@andrewgerrard)
  25. The changing nature of Work and the Workplace - Anne Marie McEwan (@drmcewan) and David Terrar (@DT) continue discussions from the first Amplified, and a recent 1 Alfred Place meeting.  Workplace then and now.  The future of Work.  No more command and control.  Capturing creativity.  Don't forget to learn from history.
  26. I want to share some thoughts and questions about the possibilities of web chat applications. (Aharon)
  27. I'd like to have a discussion about how to use online tools to cover events live. I've tried a couple of times with varying levels of success and I'd like to see what everyone has found to work or not, as well as how to work out if it's worth the effort. (@cowfish, who will be covering the Lord Mayor's Show while walking in front of 20 Royal Signalmen on motorbikes on Saturday 14th November...)
  28. Me and Giles Bryan from ipadio, and representatives from the Red Cross would love to talk about how we're using our phonecasting technology and social media to beat the news cycle in covering the Indonesian Earthquake aftermath - especially relevant given that this is what the conference is in aid of! (@Psythor / @ipadio)
  29. Sorry not to be there, hope the conference goes well(@richardjones)

Comments (11)

thirstforwine said

at 4:56 pm on Aug 5, 2009

p.s. I hope we can organise some wine for £1.40 too - I could have some ideas .... ;)

Kate said

at 5:37 pm on Aug 5, 2009

Are we talking day time or evening here?

Jennifer Jones said

at 6:09 pm on Aug 5, 2009

As long as it is held during a time when out of towners can get to #thatlondon on the cheap (after 11am) ;-)

Solobasssteve said

at 6:16 pm on Aug 5, 2009

no firm decision as yet, but it'll most likely be afternoon/evening...

Joan Lawson said

at 7:56 pm on Aug 5, 2009

I would really like to come. Challenge will be getting from Northumberland to London for £1.40!

Joan Lawson said

at 8:49 am on Aug 8, 2009

Would like to do something about taking what we're all learning from using soc media and using it to change the real world. I know there is a lot already happening, but I think we have hardly got our feet wet so far.

cataspanglish said

at 7:43 pm on Aug 21, 2009

Does anybody know a really, really cheap airline that does round trip Barcelona-London for a quid 40?

Sarah Belizaire-Butler said

at 5:19 pm on Aug 25, 2009

I'd like to come and could bring £1.40 worth of wine

Ricard Espelt said

at 9:04 pm on Oct 10, 2009

If it's possible we want to explain the project soon because me flight it's at 18.00h! ;-)

russelltanner said

at 9:45 pm on Oct 10, 2009

Unfortunately can make it anymore - hope the event goes well

thirstforwine said

at 11:13 am on Oct 19, 2009

darn it - can no longer make this date as I need to be in Spain. Have fun!

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